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When I’m stressed, I’ll just singalong to this song :)

(Go Vols!)

Days of yore. 

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Days of yore. 

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Veni vedi vici!!

Daily goals

My mind is cluttered, and I’m not feeling 100%.

My thought is to make a list of daily goals I can achieve everyday to stay healthy— mentally and physically. I’m also trying to be a more confident person. Lately, I’ve been feeling a little shitty.

Daily tasks:

  • Read the news
  • 2 minutes of the power pose (see TED talk here)
  • Yoga or running
  • Eat clean
  • Read at least 10 pages of a book for fun OR read one medication package insert for work
  • Meditate on one thing that made me happy and/or confident from the day.

Peace and love,


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Gosh, this makes me long for New Orleans :)


One of the most attractive things that I see in another human being is someone who knows who they are, yet is willing to accept change and is always striving for more.

"They say good souls travel far."


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I’ve sunken into a YouTube hole of sad songs!

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