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Moonlight hits the window of unshut eyes
when all the weight bears on my bones
chest tightness when the light reflects
the flaws of motive
the pseudo-independence.
Who the fuck am I now?

Not a care for him nor him nor him.
Taking short breaths while I find my pace,
stepping on a constant stream of broken glass
as I run from the mess, ignoring the cuts.
Climbing up the hills
with my albuterol inhaler
to surpass all those false summits
to maybe find my own peak.

Karen O’s crush songs are amazing.

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The only thing getting me through this day is knowing that I’ll see War on Drugs tomorrow.

All I want to say is cancer sucks. 
Although I claim to not be afraid of death, it still shocks me.

Answering those damn questions…

Drinking a pumpkin beer and having a discussion with friends of what we want out of life. For me, what I decided is that I want a good balance of struggle and comfort, an endless stream of learning, drive, and enjoyment. I don’t want to waste energy on silly stressors, petty arguments, nor people with bad intentions. I also want to contribute in some way that will leave the world a smidgen better once I leave it. 

Because you’re just damage control, 
for a walking corpse like me, like you.
Because we’ll all be portions for foxes.

As I’m getting older, chip up on my shoulder
Rolling through life, to roll over and die


Damn you, pretentious indie flicks
That I can’t help but watch
That I can’t help but gobble up
That makes me think life can be
As cutesy, as glitsy, as spontaneous, as smart.

How can sadness look so beautiful?

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When I’m homesick, I’ll just singalong to this song :)

(Go Vols!)

Days of yore. 

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Days of yore. 

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Veni vedi vici!!